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"I'm a little bit of Everything"

Top of the charts,, Sold out shows,,,

Alison Joy Williams is a contemporary Americana  artist, songwriter and author. 

She has spent the better part of her life moving and touring around the world.  She's found herself in every kind of venue. From Festivals with over 5000 attendees to acoustic cafes Alison's vocal style has a way of making you feel every note and word of her songs. 

Alison has performed across the US, Europe and entertained audiences in the Far East, Middle East and African continent. Notable venues include The Listening Room, Nashville, The Laboratorium, Germany,

The Pheasantry, London, and The Royal Atlas,  Morocco.

Her festival appearances include The Historic Wallace Blues Festival,

Spokane's Pig Out in the Park, Kicker Country Stampede (as part of Roadside Relics) and many more.

With her backing band Indigo Edge,  Alison is currently based in the inland Pacific Northwest and playihng in many of the most notable music and blues festivals.

"She's got power, range and knows how to use them." Peter Lauro,  Keeping The Blues Alive

Her project ANOTHER THOUSAND MILES, upon release this cd hit the top of Airplay Directs top downloaded cd's and placed her in APD's top 50 all time downloaded Americana artist in 2012.   Country style story telling with simplistic arrangements but deep emotion this softer version of Alison gives new insight to all she can be as an artist and writer.


Alison's cd LOVE ALL OF ME released to radio through Airplay Direct and ran up their Blues charts in the first week. It remained in the top ten for over twenty weeks as well as spending three weeks at number one. With LOVE ALL OF ME, Alison brought her Country style of Blues to this project giving you an enjoyable ride into the very heart of who she is.


Her first full length cd BLONDE HAIR BLUES got the recognition it deserved with her rendition of 

House Of The Rising Sun climbing to the top 40 charts on German radio. 


Released in the fall of 2019 Alison's cd IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME AGAIN will give you wonderful songs to call your  new Holiday classics.

Co-Author of the book - The Musical Imprint 2022


Alison is very happy to be a part of the following cd's:

Roadside Relics - 2016

Keeping The Blues Alive vol 4 - 2014 

'Issues' Band Of Sisters - 2013 

Exblusive Celebration cd - 2012

Keeping The Blue Alive vol 1 - 2011


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